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Medical Malpractice Injuries

When Doctors Make Mistakes
Medical Malpractice Attorney Arkansas

Holding Doctors and Medical Staff Accountable for Mistakes

Medical malpractice or negligence is when a doctor, nurse, pharmacist (or other medical professional) fails to do what a reasonably careful professional would do or does something that a reasonably careful professional would not do, that results in serious harm to you. These cases are often complex and require a review by a medical expert.

There are strict time deadlines to being able to bring such a lawsuit, so contact me today for a free consultation to discuss the next step. Common claims are misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, error in surgery, wrong medications, and many others.

Free Medical Malpractice Consultations

I offer free initial consultations to victims and their families who have suffered medical malpractice and want to learn about their options to make a claim and hold those who caused the harm accountable. As with all my personal injury cases, I strive to bring my twenty years of personal injury law experience to each case and treat my clients with respect, dignity, and empathy. 

Whether we meet at my office, your home or your hospital room, the first consultation is free to speak with me about your potential medical malpractice claim. I will travel to your location to answer your questions in person, listen to your story, and give an honest opinion about the ability of your claim to help you get the outcome you want. 

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Call to schedule a free initial consultation about your case. I strive to give an honest opinion about your claim and whether your claim may help you obtain justice and a fair recovery for injuries.

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If you or a loved on was injured because of a doctor's mistake, contact me today for a free consultation about your case